Pros and Cons of Buying Manufactured Homes

Most homebuyers who are looking to buy a house will often find themselves surrounded by options and no clue on what to go for. In your search, you may have come across the option of living in a manufactured home. Around 20 million of the population of this country lives in manufactured / mobile homes. But before you make the decision of buying a new manufactured home, you should look at it objectively and understand everything it entails, both the benefits and the flip side.
Here are the major pros and cons of buying a manufactured home in the United States of America.
Pros of Buying a Manufactured Home
1. Low Cost
Yeah! That’s absolutely right. A mobile home typically costs around $30,000 which is much cheaper than the other prevailing housing options. If you are looking to save big, then owning this type of house should be your dream.
2. Less Time for Construction
As with any other housing option you have to book a house and pay some cost up-front after which the construction of your house will be initiated, but a manufactured home is mostly there with the company ready to be delivered once you make the purchase. Apart from this, you can even customize your mobile home according to your requirements.
Cons of Buying a Manufactured Home
1. Rapid Depreciation
If you are taking a mortgage from the bank for purchasing your new mobile home, then you will notice that your house falls in value quicker than other housing options over time. This means that unless your regularly invest in your mobile home, it will fall in value and will have a very low resale value after some years.
2. Trouble of Evacuation
You will be required to evacuate your mobile home if there is a hurricane, tornado, or any other natural disaster forecast in your area. This is mainly because mobile homes are not strong enough to stand such calamities. If you live in a state where hurricanes or tornadoes warnings are frequent, then you would have to be fine with the idea of having to pack your bags and evacuating your home sweet home quickly.
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