3 Reasons to Purchase a New Mobile Home

It’s great to know that you too are looking to buy a beautiful, spacious and affordable home. Well, after all it’s our so called American Dream to own a house and avail all the bounties of life at a young age. But choosing which type of house to purchase can get a bit complicated and tricky especially if you are young and do not have enough experience of home-shopping. One question amongst people who are looking for affordable home options is whether to buy a newly manufactured mobile home or to go for a used one.

Our advice: you should buy a newly manufactured mobile home. But if you are feeling upbeat and want reasons and rationale behind our advice on buying a new mobile home, then do continue to read.

The Depreciation Drama

Do not get fooled by the price tag that you see on the used home. A mobile home has a life of 20 years. This means that they depreciate rapidly. Purchasing a 5 or even 10 year old mobile home may seem like a good investment but over time it will take more money out of your pocket without providing any cost saving. So purchase a newly built mobile home if you want to live in it for long-term.

Customization Convenience

Do you have a back problem and want your kitchen counter a bit higher? Are you a war veteran who uses wheelchair and want your restroom to be a bit bigger? All this is possible with the customization option that most home manufacturing companies provide to their customers. Just like a Subway sandwich, you can customize your home if you are to purchase a new manufactured mobile home. This option is obviously not available to the buyer of a used mobile home.

Adherence to the New HUD Regulation

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has some codes that every house has to comply with in order to be certified and approved for living. These regulations ensure that the house is safe for the resident and the environment as well. It also ensures that a house is strong enough to resist the natural calamities that Mother Nature dishes out. This makes newly manufactured mobile homes a favorable option for potential home buyers.

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